Affordable Las Vegas Weddings: Have The Perfect Day On A Budget

Affordable Las Vegas Weddings: Have The Perfect Day On A Budget

Affordable Las Vegas Weddings.  When talking about tying the knot, the word “expensive” almost always comes up.  In the U.S., most Americans believe that their wedding should be a big, elaborate affair.  This is why one-third of American couples go are buried in debt for their big day, according to Market Watch.

As you plan your ideal wedding, you will face many temptations to splurge.  After all, we are not talking about any ordinary day.  We are dealing with the most important day of your marriage life here.  You want it to be extra special.  But do you really want to spend the next decade paying down a debt?  Imagine all the other useful things you could use the money on.  You can begin saving for your future family.  Think about it.  An affordable wedding Las Vegas is logical and we, at Abundant Weddings, can make it possible.

Affordable Las Vegas Weddings For Everyone

We are currently living at a time where marriage is deemed as a status symbol.  In 2013, the marriage rate in the country hit an all-time low.  Many researchers believed it was due to a cultural shift.  But a study conducted by the American Sociological Association proved this idea wrong.  The real reason behind the drop is financial instability.  As many Americans struggle to make ends meet, more and more people forego weddings.  This caused a rift among those who can afford a wedding and those who cannot.  As a result, the belief that marriage is only for the middle and upper class was born.

If you think your dream wedding is out of reach because of your limited budget, let us help you.  We offer affordable weddings in Las Vegas for as low as $99.  Yes, you read that right.  You can get married at a site of your choice for less than a hundred dollars.  You and your fiance can have your special day at Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park, or under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

We Go Above And Beyond

Get More Than Your Money’s Worth. Do not let our affordable prices deceive you. We offer exquisite venues and honest service. Your ceremony will also be officiated by our licensed wedding minister, Reverend Kenneth E. Baker.  Aside from years of experience in performing weddings, he has received various awards. The WeddingWire, WedPlan, Thumbtack and All Weddings have all recognized his passionate work.  He is a real pastor who serves his Church and clings to biblical values.  Ex-clients describe him as someone who goes the extra mile to make their wedding special.  Phenomenal and wonderful are only a few of the words they use in most of their five-star reviews.

We have different affordable Las Vegas wedding packages for every budget.  Call us at (702) 839-1413 or (702) 379-2176 for inquiries or to book our officiant.

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