Dreaming Of A Red Rock Canyon Wedding (Las Vegas)?

Dreaming Of A Red Rock Canyon Wedding (Las Vegas)?

Red Rock Canyon Weddings Las Vegas. Most of you have probably thought of tying the knot under blue skies – and we can’t blame you! Getting married in this dream-like location is truly romantic! Are you looking for breathtaking views and landscapes of the desert? Why not try our Red Rock Canyon weddings Las Vegas? With the natural beauty of this location and our amazing wedding packages at Abundant Weddings, you sure can have the wedding of your dreams!

What Makes Weddings At Red Rock Canyon Special

Red Rock Canyon is a conservation area about 15 miles drive from Las Vegas Strip according to Wikipedia. It is composed of parks and locations that each has their own unique personality. The Red Spring and Dedication Overlook, both with amazing views, are perfect for Red Rock Canyon weddings. Our mobile wedding chapel can assure you that you get all the necessities for your wedding and more! We also have our very own wedding officiant so you won’t have to worry about looking for one. We make things easier for the bride and groom. The only thing you need to think about is getting those vows ready!

Locations At Red Rock That Can Fit Your Personality

If you and your partner are more on the adventurous side, we recommend the Dedication Overlook. Going to this place is already an itinerary of its own because of the scenic drive. And from there, you can have a full glimpse of the Red Rock mountain range. The Red Spring, also known as Calico Basin, is more suited for the romantic people. It has a more rustic yet intimate feeling to it and has a built-in boardwalk that couples can stand on during the ceremony.

Other Special Extras

Aside from the incredible views and the natural feel, this location also has flexible hours. They can cater to weddings at Red Rock Canyon from sunrise to sunset. This means you can choose your timeline between 6am to 8pm! All the sites are also pedestrian-friendly as they all have ramps for wheelchairs. To add to this, couples can achieve that romantic, outdoor feeling without going overboard their wedding budget. To include all important factors on the budget, you can read this article from Bridal Guide.

We Can Give You Your Dream Wedding!

It doesn’t matter if you and your partner have the most extreme wedding wishes. With our professional wedding planners at Abundant Weddings, you can be sure that you get what you really want for your big day. Why don’t you head over our website to know more about our wedding packages? You can also reach us through our hotline at (702) 839-1413. We are looking forward to giving you the wedding of your dreams!

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