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July 12, 2018

More than impressed

"Wow! Reverand Baker did a fantastic job. So professional, so caring, could not of asked for a better service."
July 12, 2018


"Rev. Baker professional, funny and did a great awesome job! "
May 29, 2018


"Reverend Baker leaded our ceremony very well. He was lovely all the time with us he did let us comfortable and our friends there were present at the ceremony. I do recommend!"
May 29, 2018

Best job

"My daughter got married and there was a little girl there being a helper she was phenomenal rev.baker was great i defiantly will tell people about him"
April 5, 2018

Mr. and Mrs.

"Best wedding ever. love the ease of setting up the place and time within 3hours. The minister Rev Baker was so professional and prepared.Loved my wedding so so much."
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