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Valley of Fire Wedding

Valley of Fire Wedding

Valley of Fire Wedding  is a short scenic drive from the Las Vegas Strip.

Valley of Fire Wedding Packages require a State issued permit to have a ceremony.There are four different beautiful locations for your Valley of Fire Weddings and vow renewal ceremonies.

Valley Of Fire is 50 miles north of Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert on a Native American reservation. This outdoor surrounding will capture unbelievable ceremony photos.We suggest allotting extra time for photos when visiting Valley Of Fire.

With weddings, location is everything. The venue is just one part of all the factors you need to consider as you plan your wedding but it can make or break the most important day of your life as a couple. You don’t want to look back to your special day and make regrets. You want to reminisce and remember how your ceremony was so perfect.

If an unforgettable wedding is what you aim for, the Valley of Fire is a venue you should put into consideration. Its natural beauty will not only make for amazing photos, but also great memories that will last a lifetime. The majestic landscape will have both you and your guests falling in love all over again.

Your wedding should be all about you, this is why we always listen to what our clients want. We take note of all the details, even the smallest ones, so we can make their weddings truly memorable. We care and we get things done. If entrust us with your wedding, we will be there with you, every step of the way, from the beginning right down to the end.

We understand the pressure of planning your wedding and we can ease you of all the unnecessary stress. Our 15 years of experience in handling Las Vegas weddings can assure you that your special day is in the right hands. With Abundant Weddings, you can breathe and sleep comfortably, knowing that experts are working on making your ceremony no less than perfect. We will take care of everything, from the location down to the minister, so you will have the best Las Vegas wedding experience.

Valley of Fire Weddings Near Las Vegas

With so many beautiful venues near Las Vegas, it can be confusing to choose which one is ideal for you. Valley of Fire Weddings are perfect for couples who don’t want their guests to deal with a long drive as it is only 45 minutes away from the city. With only a short drive, your family and friends can easily come and join you as you and your beloved exchange vows.